miniZum Hybrid Electric Scooter

  • Human powered or battery powered, the miniZum is an innovative personal transportation system offering a seamless electric-assist riding experience. Smaller and more portable than it's Zumaround big brother, you will be able to navigate street traffic with control and ease or casually glide down a bike path, no other scooter or bike boasts such flexibility. Standing up offers easier maneuverability and greater stability than a bicycle. The miniZum has 12″ pneumatic wheels, a 250W motor with a 36V Lithium Battery and a maximum speed of 32 Kph and a range of 32 Km. The miniZum is an efficient, reliable, practical, lightweight, fun and safe electric hybrid kick scooter. Control how fast you want to go with the thumb throttle and feel the electric propulsion system kick in when you need it most. Hills and headwinds are no longer a challenge and you’ll arrive at your destination without being out of breath or feeling like you need to take a shower.  Stand up, see well around you, be seen and be safe. The miniZum also has a height adjustable and folding handlebar, making it easy to carry and store when you are finished. The battery is a tube-type 36V 9Amh state of the art Lithium-manganese battery that is lockable and removable for charging. It has a level indicator located on the battery. The battery can be charged a minimum 500 cycles which equals to about 10,000 miles (16000 km).

Designed and Assembled in Canada!

  • • Lightweight robust frame built with Aluminum

    • Fully height adjustable handlebars

    • Dual V brakes with auto battery shut off 

    • Double walled Aluminum rims with 12" x 2.25" pneumatic tires (50 PSI)

    • Deck height 4.75", ground clearance 2.75"

    • 250W frictionless hub DC motor 

    • 36V lithium quick-swap battery

    • 32lbs with battery

    • 20mph (32km/h) max speed 

    • 20 miles (32km) range

    • Included equipment: Fenders, Side kickstand, Bell, Secure locking ring

    • Suggested Weight Limit: 375lbs

    • 51" lenght, deck size 17.5" x 7"

    • Recommended Ages: 16+