Blinker Grips FAQ

What are BlinkerGrips?

BlinkerGrips are retrofit and ergonomic bicycle grips with integrated LEDs which can be used at dusk and night as side marker lights or indicators when turning corners. 

What types of BlinkerGrips are available?

Depending on the model, BlinkerGrips can be used in combination with AAA batteries, side runner or hub dynamos or main batteries of electric bikes and Pedelecs. 

Are BlinkerGrips suitable for all handlebars?

BlinkerGrips should fit any standard bicycle as long as the diameter of your handlebar tip is approximately  22.2 mm and you have 13 cm (5.5 inches) of unbent free space in the end your handlebar. In case you are uncertain, go on and measure the circumference of your handlebar and if it is approximately 7 cm (2.75 inches) you’re good to go.

Can I use BlinkerGrips with twist shifters?

No. BlinkerGrips bicycle indicators can only be used with standard fittings (brake levers and shifters). Combinations with shifters such as Rohloff®, Nexus® and GripShift® are currently not available.

Can I stop using hand signals if using BlinkerGrips?

No, BlinkerGrips should not replace normal indicating signalization. While using BlinkerGrips you must continue using your own hands and other rules and regulations required by your country's legislation for lighting and indicating direction while driving a bicycle. We also believe that a bit of extra safety is always good, so why not show your intentions in twice as cars might not be familiar with the new kind of indicators. 

Are BlinkerGrips in accordance with legal requirements?

Legal framework regulating the use of cycling direction indicators currently doesn't exist.

Can I install BlinkerGrips myself?

Yes. The mounting of BlinkerGrips is easy. To install it you only need to clear your old grips, loosen the screw a bit, slip it in the place, tighten the screw and you are ready to go