About Us

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, ScootCanada is Canada's supplier of body powered and electric rides. Our products range from Kick Scooters and Folding Bikes to innovative body power and electric carving vehicles. Whether you looking for fun and fitness or trying to cut down on your daily commute, we have many practical and cutting edge green and portable rides for kids and adults of all ages.

We are pleased to offer the following products:

Xootr Neon


Xootr Scooters

Often Referred to as the Roles Royce of scooters, Xootr Scooters truly are the ultimate in kick scooters. With an award winning design, lightweight CNC materials, large super fast wheels and a patented folding system, they are the perfect choice for anyone with an eye for style and detail.



Xootr Swift
Xootr Swift Folding Bikes

Awarded "Best in Class" by The New York Times, the Xootr Swift is a ready to go out of the box folder that rides just like a regular bike. Nearly all parts 

are industry standard, no weird incompatible stuff. The swift features the super stable, rigid TrusFold frame system and at only 25lbs it's one of the lightest folders 

out there.



Trikke t12


Trikke Body Powered Fitness Carving Vehicles 

Trikke is the world leader in 3-point cambering vehicles for commercial and recreational uses, fitness, and personal transportation. Since 2000, Trikke has sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles that utilize its patented cambering technology to enthusiasts worldwide.The Trikke has been called “the fitness machine that makes exercise seem more like fun than exercise.”





Trikke electric

Trikke Pon-e Electric Carving Vehicles

Fun, fitness and green transportation all in one package. Personal mobility and transportation has never been better. The Trikke Pon-e averages of about 26 KM per charge and travels at average speeds of 23 KPH. Featuring a patented easy folding design you can take it just about anyone, which is great, because you'll want to! Just step on, twist the throttle and Go.


Trikke Patrol and Security Vehicles

Join the Many that are using Trikke Police and Security Vehicles to improve their patrols.