About Trikke

Trikke Technology

Trikke Tech is the world expert in 3-point, standing, carving vehicles. We have been listening to our enthusiast base since 2002 and constantly refining and improving our vehicle’s designs and performance for the best experience possible. From the freedom of movement that our vehicles bring to the portability, we hope your experience - the user experience – is satisfying on as many levels as possible. This is the goal of our technology.

About Trikke Tech, Inc.

Trikke Tech, Inc. is the world leader in 3-point cambering vehicles for commercial and recreational uses, fitness, and personal transportation. Since 2000, Trikke has sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles that utilize its patented cambering technology to enthusiasts worldwide. The product line includes electric vehicles, body-propelled vehicles and the Skki – a downhill snow vehicle.

Trikke is based in Santa Barbara County, California. All of Trikke’s designs originate from its California headquarters where all of the Trikke electric vehicles are assembled and test driven prior to sale. Enthusiasts rave about how Trikke vehicles have made their lives better; ever grateful for their enthusiasm, we strive to keep them excited with improvements and refinements to our vehicles.

Trikke was voted Small Business of the Year by California State Assemblyman, Das Williams, and chosen as one of the Best Inventions of the Year by TIME magazine.


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Body Powered, Full Body Fitness

The Trikke has been called “the fitness machine that makes exercise seem more like fun than exercise.” 

“The payoff: A superb full-body toning and fast shedding workout. Body parts worked: Shoulders, arms, abs, glutes, thighs, calves”.  Men’s Fitness Magazine

“An addictive blend of form and fitness. Good aerobic and all-body toning workout”.  Los Angeles Times



Here are just some of the ways a Trikke can help meet your fitness needs:

Engages Your Entire Body From head to toe, riding a Trikke gets your whole body involved. Your arms are moving, your legs are working, your core is turning, all of which translates into a full-body workout like no other.

Engages Your Brain, Too! Because riding a Trikke involves crossing the midline, your brain also gets into the action, helping to keep your noggin engaged and active.

Provides Great Cardio Exercise What better way to get your lungs and heart involved than by using your entire body? The Trikke gets you moving in a way that’s natural and intuitive, making your want more!

Good for People from ages 3 to 103 Whether it’s the very young or the young at heart, Trikkes can be ridden by anyone. President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosyln Carter are both avid Trikke riders and they’re in their mid 80s!

A Great Way to Lose Weight Studies have shown that riding a Trikke burns over 650 calories an hour while riding at a speed of 17 Kph. Danielle Adams lost 60 lbs in 6 weeks riding a Trikke CV.

No Impact Exercise When riding a Trikke, there’s no jumping up and down and landing on your joints repeatedly. In fact, there’s little or no impact at all!

Combines Strength Training and Cross Training Because your muscles and cardiovascular system are engaged, riding a Trikke means you’re getting the best of both worlds: strength training and cross training.

Enhances Balance and Coordination When standing on a Trikke, you’re standing on your own two feet, which means, as you ride, you’re also working on your balance and coordination.

No Sports Background Needed Riding a Trikke is simple. If you can stand on your own two feet and turn side to side, you, too, can ride a Trikke.