Human powered or battery powered, the ZÜMAROUND, MiniZum and Sidewalker Scooters are an innovative personal transportation system offering a seamless electric-assist riding experience. Navigate street traffic with control and ease or casually glide down a bike path, no other scooter or bike boasts such flexibility. Headwinds and hills are no longer a problem! Standing up offers easier maneuverability and greater visibility and stability than a bicycle.
Choose from the Electric Hybrid Zumaround With 20″ pneumatic wheels, a 250W motor and a maximum speed of 32 Kph per hour with a range of 32 Km, or the MiniZum with it's 12" pneumatic tires and all the benefits of electric assist with greater portability.
If you wish to stay human powered, the Sidewalker Atom is one of the finest pneumatic tire kick scooters available. Zumaround Hybrid Electric and Sidewalker Push/Kick Scooters are an efficient, reliable, practical, lightweight, fun and safe way to get around.
Stand up, see well around you, be seen and be safe.

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