ScootCanada is pleased to present the Kleefer Pure 180 Kick Scooter. Now available for Pre-Order

Kleefer Kick Scooter

Developed and patented by Kleefer, this system enables a one-second folding/unfolding.

Give the locking pedal a gentle kick, slightly tilt the handlebar and watch the platform rise automatically. No more bending down.
When folded, the kick scooter is ultra compact and forms a rigid product, no bigger than an umbrella.

Hold the handlebar, pull the platform rearwards and watch the cylinders do the rest, until a « Click » confirms the automatic locking.

This system automatically takes up slack and enables the product to remain fully rigid over time.

  • one-second folding/unfolding
  • trolley mode
  • compact, vertical storage
  • bag rack
  • front & rear brakes
  • premium quality
  • wide handlebar, 180mm wheels, ABEC 7 bearings
  • leather grips clamped by an interchangeable, coloured, aluminium collar
  • front & rear mudguards
  • 2-year guarantee

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