ZUMAROUND Hybrid Electric Scooters Now Available at ScootCanada

We are happy to announce that we are teaming up with Zumaround Hybrid Electric Scooters and Sidewalker Kick Scooters. We are now carrying the Zumaround in 5 Colours, the MiniZum in 3 colours. We will also be adding Sidewalker Kick Scooters. 

Headwinds and Hills will no longer be a problem with the Hybrid Electric assist from the 250 Watt Hub motor powered by the 36V Lithium battery. Zumaround Electric Scooter have a range of 32 Km and travel at speeds of up to 32 Kph and weighs in at a mere 36 lbs.
Zumaround Hybrid Electric is available in 5 attractive colours, red, blue, green, black, yellow.  MiniZum is available in black, grey and white. Some of the great features of these amazing scooters are:
  • 20" or 12" Pneumatic Tire (50 PSI) 
  • Front and Rear V brakes
  • 250 watt DC frictionless hub motor with Stainless Steel pokes 
  • 36V Lithium battery
  • Durable frame constructed of Chromoly Steel and Aluminium
  • 375 lbs weight limit
  • Height adjustable handle bars
  • 2 year warranty on frame, 1 year warranty on battery
 We will soon be posting some videos of us riding aroung Ottawa on our new MiniZum and Zumaround Scooters.