Trikke Pon-e Electric Carving Vehicles are now available in Canada

The Trikke Pon-e. Tri-bred performance. Simply step on, twist and go. The Panasonic Lithium-ion battery allows you to travel at speeds of up the 25kph with a range of up to 35km with Pon-e 48V.

For a lighter more affordable ride there's the option of the Trikke Pon-e 36V lite, which allows you to travel at speeds of up to 21 kph with a range of 29km.

48V Models are now in stock and available in all 4 colors. The 36v Lite's are arriving in August (pre-orders are being accepted) 

At half the weight and cost of a Seguay, and with Trikke's patented 3CV cambering system, Trikke is truly redefining urban transit. 

Request a test drive today!  

Happy Carving,